Rolex Sky-Dweller replica watches China

Rolex watches look complex features, which has been focused on the functional and practical aspects of the use, not just for the complex and complex. Just as the submariner series can help divers more secure to complete the diving operation, GMT type to help the pilots across different time zones can still master the time, and Di Tonga type is the speed of the car players to master more accurate. These distant classic series, has continued to replace the replacement of money, is still hot. Perhaps, relying on these classic series, Rolex replica watches can hold up half of the clock industry. However, the brand itself has been willing to stop before? In 2012, Rolex launched the most complex series of Sky-Dweller for Sky Business travelers.

As Rolex replica is now in the sale of the most complex of a watch series, calendar and dual time zone to meet the business needs of the two superposition, although complex, but still adhere to the brand simple and practical purpose, Sky-Dweller collection of 11 Each patent has its meaning, no fancy.

Sky-Dweller series cheap replica watches dial layout can be divided into three parts, the location of time, departure time and calendar date display. The time is displayed as the traditional central hour hand, minute hand and second hand instructions, the clock can be independently adjusted to one hour as a unit or counterclockwise movement, when the adjustment of the local time, it will not affect the minute hand and second hand operation, nor Will affect the time of departure display. In addition, the watch will not stop when the operation, to keep the time accurate.

Dial on the rotary off-axis disk to show the second time zone, that is, the departure time. The fixed red inverted triangle mark under the crown indicates the time of the wearer’s departure. 24-hour display plate can clearly distinguish between the starting time zone of the day and night, to facilitate the wearer and the starting point of contact.

Rolex independent development of the calendar system, known as the Saro calendar system, the name from the “Saro cycle” astronomical phenomenon. Unique month display, by the dial clock mark outside the 12 small window display, with a bright red mark. This set of Saro calendar system is only in the Rolex watch common jump calendar added four gears and two sets of gears, they realized the calendar function, people stunning.

Sky-Dweller not only read when the simple and simple, and its implied function can also be easy to be all by the crown to adjust. This exquisite lies in Sky-Dewller’s pit on the ring. Unlike the usual Rolex Oyster Wristet, Sky-Dweller is equipped with Ring Command’s rotating outer ring, which is a brand new patented technology that can be used to adjust the bezel position to match the crown.

Ring Command outer ring can rotate three cells, the first grid adjustment date and month. The second grid adjustment time, this setting will change with the journey into different time zones. The hour hand is pushed one hour per hour until the new time is displayed. The third grid and the last grid is used to adjust the departure time, just start the off-axis disk and minute hand can be. At this point the movement will stop the operation, so that the watch set to precision seconds.

In the Sky-Dewller mid-level case side, between the teeth and movement, installed with a vertical axis, so that the two can be interactive. Both ends of the vertical shaft are equipped with converters. The upper Maltese cross-shaped converter is driven by the pin on the rotating outer ring so that the vertical axis is rotated by a quarter turn at each adjustment position. Below the ordinary cross-shaped converter, with the movement within the functional control device, but slightly protruding from the edge.

In order to ensure the waterproof performance of Oyster case, it also in the middle of the vertical axis at both ends of the additional apron, and then with the bottom cover and screw-in crown of the apron, to ensure that Sky-Dweller oyster series Other watches, completely waterproof, and not affected by impurities such as dust.
As Rolex in the sale of the most complex watches, Sky-Dweller in 2012 after the release of a long time only carrying precious metal case. In this year, between the two gold replica watches china the advent of gold stainless steel and platinum stainless steel combination, reducing the threshold. The former price of 16,300 Swiss francs; the latter only 13,700 Swiss francs, but also with the now very popular “Royal Blue” dial, people just around the corner.

Rolex Caliber 3235 replica watches china

This new generation of mechanical movement has 14 patents for the brand lay a new performance standard, not only in accurate and reliable, power reserve, earthquake and other aspects have been enhanced magnetic, watch even more adjustment easier.
A new generation of Rolex movement


The new performance standard

3235-type movement than the Swiss beat copy watches Observatory certified chronometer (OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED CHRONOMETER) daily wear more precise double standard
Its power reserve extended to three days (about 70 hours). Therefore, the need to re-watch the chain has been able to run during the weekend
Movement can withstand much higher than the daily needs of magnetic force
Movement of the overall structure of each individual component has been modified so that it can be improved seismic force, but also more reliable
The tuning process better by convenient, type 3235 self-winding movement to make faster and more efficient, easier to adjust the shaft position sensor, calendar correction without time limit
Rolex evidence leading watchmaking technology

Fourteen patents

The self-winding mechanical movement, all developed and manufactured by Rolex replica watches, as evidenced by a new masterpiece of watchmaking technology. This movement not only achieved 14 patents, more innovative technology combining a plurality of programs, including component design, and integration into the production process of new best replica watches technologies are breaking down the existing production limits. Redesigned improved movement parts up to 90%, such as power generation and storage devices (components and automatic winding of the mainspring), ensure that the watch accurate adjustment means (balance wheel), gears and escapement . Rolex important Chronergy innovative patented technology is greatly improved escapement, vibration to provide stable power required for the balance wheel.
Chronergy escapement efficiency 15% higher than the standard Swiss watchmaking


Latest CHRONERGY escapement

Swiss watchmaking has been a standard Swiss lever escapement, technological advances made in the last five years is quite limited, and the latest Rolex engineers designed and patented escapement system, greatly enhance the efficiency of the device. Stable and reliable Swiss replica watches lever escapement by the watchmaker’s favor, but its weakness is the low efficacy, the gear set is transmitted to the mainspring of power, only slightly more than one-third transferred to the balance wheel.
After a comprehensive study, the latest Rolex Chronergy escapement geometry make the efficiency of the major components of a 15% increase. In 3235 the new type of movement power reserve, nearly half from the escapement. Nickel phosphorus produced Chronergy escapement is not subject to magnetic interference.

Top Observatory chronometer certification


Like all Rolex watches, each watch movement shall be equipped with 3235 according to the new standards by 2015 Rolex lay tested, certified as top observatory chronometer. This unique title proved Rolex watches successfully passed a series of laboratory tests, the standard is more beyond the conventional level and watchmaking. Watch assembled after the test to make sure the watch is worn on the wrist to play top-level performance.
The detachment precise movement, were Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) Observatory chronometer certification awarded, after the movement put into the case, Rolex movement for a second test, in order to ensure compliance with its accuracy standard, and less Observatory chronometer certification standards stringent. After the movement put into the case, when the chronograph Rolex top observatory acceptable daily average error is within plus or minus two seconds. In an exclusive Rolex copy watches worn simulate the actual situation, the more close to the real life situation to test the watch accurate. This certification tests are specially developed Rolex top instrument. This series of automatic test will detect all Rolex watch waterproof, automatic chain performance and power reserve. These tests are carried out systematically, with the previous detection process development and production of complementarity, to ensure reliable sturdy watch, magnetic shock.
Rolex unique way design, manufacture and testing of watches, as well as innovations brought about, so that the mechanical watch performance continues to progress beyond the limit, so that Rolex has become a model of excellence in watchmaking. Green Seal is a symbol of the Observatory at the top of the chronograph, each costing Rolex watches are attached to this seal, along with the world’s five-year warranty guarantee.

High precision mechanical machining


So that the barrel wall thickness reduced by 50%
Thus increasing the power reserve of over 10 hours
Industry Challenges
Has a remarkable performance of 3235-type movement, Rolex engineers, R & D efforts over the years watch parts results. In the whole production process of the movement, the watch factory with a unique professional process, so that the performance of the movement belong to the elite. The technical know-how to reduce the production restrictions in terms of precision and tolerance, so as to enhance the quality and performance components. For example, high-precision cutting process so that the wall thickness of the inner barrel cut in half, thus increasing the power reserve of 10 hours. In the new synthetic ruby ​​fork escapement Chronergy on only 125 microns, compared with 50% the previous generation thin. Precision manufacturing technology enables the balance wheel to enhance performance threefold. LiGA (electroformed micro-fabrication technology) and other high-tech processes to produce the paramagnetic pallet fork and escapement wheel escapement Chronergy new vertical system.

Aesthetic Tradition


Regardless of the shape, arrangement plywood and detailed traditional decoration, 3235-type movement are adding new aesthetic elements, but at the same time retaining the core qualities Rolex constant motivation, such as self-winding automatic red ring assembly back wheel, fuel tank and golden yaw cock. Thus, the aesthetic traditions Oyster watch movements are still deeply rooted in the 3235-type movement being.
The main components of the 3235-type movement
3235-type movement of the overall system have been enhanced, including the maintenance of accurate watch balance wheel assembly, as well as providing self-winding assembly of power.
PARACHROM paramagnetic with gossamer gossamer balance wheel assembly

Rolex end ring, defy gravity

The new high-precision machining of the balance wheel, the operation is more stable
New patented swing axle, enhanced magnetic force
3235-type movement of the balance wheel
3235-type movement of the balance wheel assembly and production of patented Rolex Parachrom blue gossamer. This springs from the unique niobium, zirconium alloy with oxygen, free from magnetic interference, even when the temperature changes, remain stable, seismic force ten times more than conventional springs. Movement is also equipped with an improved end Rolex ring, make sure swing at any position, can achieve excellent isochronous.
Inertia balance wheel spinner with four gold trim nut, the adjustment process is extremely accurate. Its redesigned geometry and high-precision machining, to enhance the degree of stability so three times.
Gossamer balance wheel with the latest swing axle connected to its unique geometry to enhance the magnetic force. Located in the top of the balance with hairspring patented high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, developed by Rolex, and enhance seismic force. Gossamer balance wheel position by the balance wheel splint so that further enhance the seismic force. Balance cock has improved tuning highly integrated systems and new balance wheel guards.

Improve the efficiency of CHRONERGY escapement


The new geometry so that power efficiency of 15%
Paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus components
In LIGA (electroformed micro-fabrication technology) high-precision manufacturing
3235-type movement escapement
3235-type movement of the patent Chronergy escapement developed by Rolex, Swiss lever escapement, ie mechanical watch escapement modified version of the standard vertical system. Chronergy escapement improved Swiss lever escapement inefficient power, while retaining the renowned reliability.
To improve efficiency, Rolex engineers with advanced observation and numerical simulations, the partition parameters need for change in order to analyze the function the Swiss lever escapement vertical system. Surprisingly, they come to replica watches china the program with the current thinking very different: tooth escapement and escapement fork length ratio between opposite gem. At present escapement fork gem before the thickness of only half the escapement tooth mouth contact surface is twice as large. Escapement components also no longer aligned but slightly offset, which makes the pallet fork balance wheel pivot and the distance between the greater leverage also been enhanced.

Escapement fork and escapement wheel made of nickel phosphorus, from magnetic interference. Escapement fork gem general escapement system commonly used synthetic ruby. Carving and designed to make the escapement wheel reduced, thereby reducing the inertia.
These geometries make improvements escapement system efficiency of 15%, also make 3235 type movement power reserve upgrade half.

Efficient gear

Improved gear set
Rolex replica watches china synthetic high-performance lubricants
3235-type movement of the gear set
Efficiency has improved movement gear set. Rolex has also developed its own unique and synthesized a new high-performance lubricants, longer life, and more stable. Rolex is the only independent watchmakers developed and synthetic lubricants.

High-capacity barrel


Slim barrel inner wall can accommodate larger mainspring, thereby enhancing the power reserve
3235-type movement of the barrel
Watch movement space is at a premium. 3235-type movement to enhance the capacity of the mainspring, without increasing the size of the barrel, Rolex decided barrel wall thickness reduced by half to more fully utilize the inner space inside. Both in machining and production process, this approach is not easy to break the boundaries of the existing mode of production. After the increase in space, the barrel assembly can be larger mainspring that allow movement power reserve increased by more than 10 hours.


Enhance self-winding speed

Carving features a new automatic Tuo integrally formed on the bearing
New automatic ring back wheel, making faster and more efficient two-way chain
3235 self-winding assembly type movement
3235-type movement with automatic winding assembly and a new generation of constant pendulum Tuo, accelerate the new high-capacity mainspring winding speed. Automatic loopback wheel system enables automatic Tuo two-way on the chain. This system has been improved significantly enhanced efficiency to meet the different activities of the wearer. Integrally molded automatic Tuo carved empty help shock absorption. Tuo automatic assembly on the bearing, is held by a screw in a central location for assembly.

Simplify setting system


Each position setting clear obvious
Faster adjustment
Calendars can be corrected at any time
Extremely precise time setting
3235-type movement of the setting system
3235-type movement set more ergonomic, so that the wearer easier to operate. Winding crown tuning recess fairly obvious and easy induction. The improved system is set so that the date and week adjust faster. Time setting accurate. Due to built-in retractable pull round calendar means the calendar can always be corrected without restriction.